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GARY C.  “I learned about this software from my CPA and the software would walk me through the process of selling my company. I completed a deal in less than six months”

MARIANN H.  “I do not use computers much, as I am now in my mid 70’s, however Mavrek was easy to use and helped me sell my business.”

JANET P.  “I used Mavrek to assist my client with the successful sale of a small furniture store. I set-up his Mavrek account and completed the business profile section in less than 10 minutes.”

RANDY W.  “The platform is very straightforward and easy to use.”

JIM B.  “Mavrek is like TurboTax for the sale or purchase of a small business.”

Former CEO / Chairman of S&P 500 Tech Company  “I like it, it’s very a very clever platform.”

Former SBDC Director  “Great software for exiting a business.”

Business Broker CEO  “Mavrek makes the process easier for sure. I have all my clients on one dashboard – it’s a wonderful platform for brokers / agents.”