Mavrek will guide you through the entire process of buying a business

Your chances of successfully buying a business are greatly enhanced when the seller is using Mavrek, the all-in-one software.  If you ALREADY have a seller, invite them to Mavrek! The software is free for the seller as well as you, the buyer!

Mavrek enables both you and the seller to navigate the process efficiently and affordably, ensuring no critical steps are overlooked. This saves countless hours of paperwork and email searches, while keeping all parties informed and on track.

As the buyer, you can add an unlimited number of “Team Members” to assist you.  You can add your Trusted Advisors such as your CPA, attorney, business broker, bookkeeper, financial or exit advisor, employees, or a business consultant to assist with the transaction – no experience or license required!

We guide you every step of the way so just message the Seller on the Mavrek Marketplace and you’re ready to start the process!

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