October 20, 2023:

DealMaker Playbook, Inc. is pleased to announce that Alana Dobbins has been joined the Mavrek team as the VP – Affiliates.

Alana has over twenty years of experience in the merger & acquisition industry and personally has been involved in hundreds transactions during her career. Going forward, Alana will be in charge of all affiliate matters including but not limited to recruitment, communication, and co-branding/marketing. In addition to the aforementioned, she will also be managing the “Ask Alana” informational video / pod cast program. “I am excited about the opportunity the Mavrek software provides the small business owner as well as the small business trusted advisor. The new buyer portal part of the software will also provide opportunities for the budding entrepreneur and dreamer who wants to buy and operate their own business is equally exciting” explained Alana.

Alana can be contacted directly via email @ alana@mavrek.com.