Case Study: Preparation meets Opportunity

By Martin Hansen, CEO – Mavrek
Date: February 2023


This case study highlights the story of Carolyn, the owner of an equipment rental company. She wanted to sell her business yet missed out on a potential opportunity due to a lack of preparedness. It emphasizes the importance of being operationally prepared and maintaining an updated database of important documents, so a business is always ready…to be sold. This case study also introduces Mavrek, a platform that assists accountants, business attorneys, business advisors/brokers, exit planners, and financial planners with the process of selling, buying, or transferring a small business in conjunction with their client.

The Situation

In January 2022, Carolyn, received a call from a national competitor’s senior business development officer, expressing interest in purchasing her business. However, Carolyn was unprepared for such an opportunity and sought guidance from her CPA, hoping to navigate the situation effectively.

The CPA’s Advice

To Carolyn’s dismay, her CPA had little experience with business transactions such as this and suggested they contact the potential buyer to inquire about a list of required items that would be needed for them to make an offer. The business development officer promptly sent Carolyn a comprehensive two-page list, outlining the various pieces of information and steps that must be taken in order for an offer to be made.

Lessons Learned

Overwhelmed by the extensive list, Carolyn shared it with her CPA, and they began the arduous task of collecting the necessary documentation. However, Carolyn found it challenging to balance running her business and gathering the required items, feeling as though she had two full-time jobs. Three months into the process, the business development officer informed Carolyn that his company had made an offer on another business, and it had been accepted. Carolyn was shocked, when he told her, they had reached out to the “other” company six weeks after their initial contact with her.

This turn of events left Carolyn feeling upset and regretful about the missed opportunity. Following this disappointment, Carolyn realized that most of the items on the list should have already been readily available to her. Her CPA had previously mentioned that collecting and reviewing these items would help her run the business more effectively and  make it more profitable. Additionally, the CPA mentioned he had read an article about a software platform that could help with the entire process of selling. Determined to avoid a similar situation in the future, Carolyn, and her CPA set-up a Mavrek account and decided to meet every quarter and maintain a comprehensive database of all important documents, including tax returns, quarterly and normalized financial statements, asset lists and other important documents all within the Mavrek software.

The Outcome

A year and a half later, Carolyn received another call from a business development officer from the same company. This time, she was prepared. Armed with Mavrek and with the assistance of her CPA, they invited the buyer through the Mavrek platform.  Shortly thereafter, Carolyn accepted an offer and successfully closed the deal within 128 days from the first contact and the entire transaction was completed  on the Mavrek platform.

news carolyn opportunityA Solution: Mavrek

To assist accountants, business attorneys, business advisors/brokers, exit planners, and financial planners in better serving their clients, Mavrek offers a platform that facilitates the process of selling, buying, or transferring small businesses. Mavrek aims to provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure that business owners are well-prepared and confident in their decisions.

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The case study of Carolyn’s missed opportunity highlights the significance of preparation in the business world. It serves as a reminder that being ready and maintaining a comprehensive database of important documents within Mavrek can make a significant difference when capitalizing on opportunities. With the assistance of Mavrek, small business owners and entrepreneurs can navigate the process of selling, buying, or transferring businesses with confidence.