Thursday, October 26, 2023:  Everyone likes doing deals, yet the small business owner and the entrepreneur/dreamer – the most important component of the global economy – encounters great difficulty when trying to complete a sale, purchase, or transfer of a small business. Why? Most people use an anecdotal transactional process or even worse, the “flashlight in dark” method. Neither are effective, as the nationwide closing ratio is less than 25%.

Yes, 3 out of 4 small business sale or purchase attempts fail to close, meaning there are millions of small business owners that are left without a reasonable exit option. The need for the Mavrek software came from actual experience with this process dysfunction. The Mavrek software levels the playing field for the DIY (do-it-yourself) and/or the many types of business advisors, regardless of their experience level.

The software is the only all-in-one digitalized platform that incorporates all the necessary tools, templates, and critical steps necessary to complete a transaction; this even includes a marketplace to list a business and the software is always free to use. “With the launch of the free 3.0 version, there is finally a cutting-edge software designed to help navigate the complicated process of selling, buying or transferring a small business, and it’s really easy to use” explained Mavrek’s CEO – Martin Hansen.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs deserve a chance to feel confident about selling, buying, or transferring a small business. Join the millions that will sell, buy, or transfer a small business in the next 12 months – get – it’s always free!


  • No experience or license is required
  • Valuation calculator – provides a range of value
  • Marketplace to list a business for sale
  • Six Step process to sell or buy a business
  • Transactional templates in word and excel
  • Secure data room

Mavrek is free to use and its available at