Friday, October 20th, 2023

Mavrek Software Revolutionizes Small Business Transactions

Trusted advisors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs now have a game-changing solution to complete sales, purchases, or transfers of small businesses with ease. Introducing Mavrek v3.1, the all-in-one digitalized platform that levels the playing field for trusted advisors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

“Yes, 3 out of 4 small business sale or purchase attempts fail to close, meaning there are millions of small business owners that are left without a reasonable exit option, and version 3.1 brings all of us closer to our ultimate goal, which is reversing the dismal closing rate,” stated the CEO of Mavrek, Martin Hansen.

Recognizing this dysfunction, Mavrek developed cutting-edge software to simplify the process. Mavrek believes small business owners and entrepreneurs deserve a chance to feel confident about selling, buying, or transferring a small business.

Key Features of Mavrek Software v3.1:

  • No experience or license required
  • Valuation calculator that provides a range of value
  • Marketplace to list a business for sale
  • Six-step process to sell or buy a business
  • Transactional templates in Word and Excel
  • Secure data room for confidential information

Mavrek is committed to empowering small business owners and their trusted advisors, ensuring they can confidently navigate the process of selling, buying, or transferring a small business. Join the millions that will sell, buy, or transfer a small business in the next 12 months – get, it’s always free!

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About Mavrek:

Mavrek is a leading provider of software solutions for small business transactions. With its all-in-one digitalized platform, Mavrek aims to revolutionize the way small businesses are bought and sold. The software incorporates essential tools, templates, and critical steps necessary to complete a transaction seamlessly. Mavrek is free to use and available at